Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blowpop N2 Skin Series Preview #3 — Ava

AvaTeaser4.0-1024 - censored.jpg

Today's N2 Skin Series preview is of Ava.

I've worked on Ava for probably longer than any other skin I've ever done. I started her last fall and she became the basis of the Infinity series. I've continued to work on her, and have made a number of improvements since then, mainly smoothing out her shading, adding some detail and softening her face somewhat.

Members of the Blowpop Update Group recieved a first-hand look at Ava with a exclusive makeup made special for the group. Below is the full range of makeups and skintones for the upcoming release.

N2 Skin Series Makeups

Remember, the entire Blowpop N2 skin series will be released on Tuesday, June 23

Also, dont forget the Blowpop Super Skin Clearance Sale is still going on until Sunday, June 21! That's only 3 more days to enjoy 50% – 60% discounts on all of the Infinity skins, as well as Tuesday and Mellie3 lines! So don't miss out!

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