Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blowpop N2 Skin Series Preview #2 — Carmen


Today's N2 sneak preview is of Carmen.

The first version of Carmen was released as part of the Infinity skinline, but she's undergone alot of changes for N2. As well as adjustments to the overall body shading, she's received a bit of a facelift and a nosejob. Additionally, I've added a fourth, lighter skintone for a bitmore versatility.

Members of the Blowpop Update Group recieved a first-hand look at Carmen with a exclusive makeup made special for the group. Below is the full range of makeups and skintones for the upcoming release.

N2 Skin Series Makeups 2

The entire Blowpop N2 skin series will be released on Tuesday, June 23

And don't forget, the Blowpop Super Skin Sale is still going on through June 21

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