Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thansgiving!

I fixed all the vendors that were busted, and I'm headed out of town for Thansgiving. I'll be out of SL through the weekend, but I'll still have limited IM contact through gmail, so if anyone has any problems with thier Mellies, i'll be able to answer questions but I wont be able to fix anything until i get back.

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!



Hard as it is to believe, I do occasionally make mistakes. Okay, I often make mistakes, but who's counting? Anyway, it seems that Ive gone and forgotten to turn on "Sell" on the Mellie2 Cream Demos, as well as some of the fatpacks. I also mislabeled the Honey [fresh/light pink] and [fresh/soft rose] demo skins. I'm sure I probably made a whole bunch of other mistakes too, so if anything's not right, let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

A big thank you to my sharp-eyed customers and sorry for the inconvenience!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Finally! the Mellie 2

Mellie Poster honey
Originally uploaded by Annyka B
it took a lot longer to get these on the shelves than I expected, but they are finally ready and available at the Blowpop Main Store at the Lame Designs mall on Fuzzy.

As a special celebration, for a limited time only, I'm again selling the Natural Beauty skins to everybody, not just Blowpop Update Group members, for L$49. And these are the new and improved Mellie 2s, and now with Cinnamon! (Of course, group members get them for free cuz they rock!)

anyway, that's it for now. I need sleep.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Closed for Restocking

The Blowpop Main Shop at Lame Designs Shopping Center on Fuzzy will be closed today while I restock the vendors with the new Mellie skins. I apologise for any inconvenience and am working hard to open back up as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mellie 2 makeup previews

Okay, so i wanted to have these ready to release tonight, but reality said otherwise. So in the meantime, more previews!! I reworked all of the makeups a little bit and introduced Cinnamon, a darker tone. The blank spots in Cinnamon are where the light lipsticks didn't quite work out, so I'll probably just add some darker lipcolors and call it a day.

Most everything is done except for packing vendors and making ads, so hopefully Saturday will be the day! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mellie 2 Preview! Coming Soon!

I just cant leave well enough alone, but there were a few things that have been bugging me about the Mellie skins and I simply couldn't let them go any longer. So I've made a whole bunch of little improvements and tweaks and I am busy retexturing all of my current skins as well as introducing some new makeups and a whole new darker skintone in anticipation of a release later this week. Yes, I've been a busy busy bee!

Some of the changes include, brand new ears and belly button, because the old ones honestly sucked. New bright healthy teeth. I toned down the highlighting on the nose a little and altered the contour of the lips slightly so that it hopefully works better on a wider variety of faceshapes. I also improved lip colors and reworked the gloss highlights as well as a whole bunch of smaller, more subtle tweaks. All of these changes combine to make Mellie 2 even more beautiful than ever.

Note for Purchasers of Full-price Mellie Skins:
I dont intend to leave all of you in the dark, so I will be replacing all full-price Mellie 1s with the corresponding Mellie 2s just as soon as I get them all ready and loaded in the vendors. Please be patient, as this may very well take some time. *

* this only applies to full price makeups and fatpacks and NOT to the $L 49 Natural Beauty skins.

So stay tuned and look for Mellie 2 later on this week!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Blowpop New Store at Lame & Sidewalk Sale!

Woohoo! I finally got my very own storefront!!! I've moved into the new Lame Designs Shopping Center on Fuzzy! My delightful new landlady, Popfuzz Bamboo built me the absolutely cutest shop with 2 giant blowpops out front. I love it so much, I've been hanging out there nonstop bugging all the customers.

I really wasnt' expecting to open so soon. I was hoping to have been able to have my new makeups ready for my grand opening, but Fuzzy had a grand opening for the whole place with a simwide sidewalk sale, so I just had to move in what ive got so i could take part.

So, in celebration of the grand opening of the new Lame, through Sunday, I am making my Mellie Natural Beauty skins available to everybody for L$ 49! That's right, you don't have to join the Blowpop Update Group to get this fantastic deal. Just come on down to Fuzzy and pick up a few! I also have a sidewalk sale price on the regular Mellie Fatpacks of L$ 1999 for 4 skins! That's almost 40% off the regular price of each skin sold separately. And because I really love you, I'll even let you mix and match your own fatpack! Just IM me or drop me a notecard and I'll be happy to throw one together for you.

And while your at Lame, be sure to check out all the other fantastic sales in the rest of the mall. Here's a list of all the vendors and some of their sales:

* Popfuzz
* *ICING* (She made the cutest dress for the sidewalk sale only $75 plus shes retiring 3 other dresses that are for sale for $75 goe forever monday)
* Sh*t Happens (Free cute dress and several cute items for $10)
* Fantasies, INK (All her items are on sale today through monday $99 or less)
* Veschi
* Corduroy (Love Me, Tint Me tintable leggings for L$ 75 )
* Royal Blue
* Overdose (lots of cute clothing items at really cheap prices Some even $1)
* illuminare
* Kid Asia (3 shirts for the price of one special)
* Ame True Design House
* Neko Gear / Nekopia (several of their fat packs at 50% off)
* Gridlife
* Eolande’s Hair Accessories
* <3>
* Doll City Jewelry
* Periquita Shoes (Omg $49 sculpty hi heels in the sidewalk sale)
* Kimberly Casanova Designs
* Eat Me ($15 eyes ad cat and dog gestures)
* Darkstar Designs (Very cool boots boots only $40)
* Woo’s (She put out some of her favorite bangels 50% off)
* Studio Sidhe
* Freak Boutique (Full outfits at discounted prices)
* Panjen (She made a cute set of 6 Lame t-shirts for only $6)
* Big Boob Boutique

and of course, Blowpop