Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blowpop! Special Group Offer on Mellie Natural Beauty Skin

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So I guess i've taken enough time off to recover from the Blowpop launch. I'm absolutely thrilled with the response that Mellie has gotten so far. But no more resting on me laurels, its time to get back to work in the top secret Blowpop Labs on new makeups and looks for Mellie.

In the meantime, here's Mellie Natural Beauty. Because sometimes a girl just doesnt want to have to put on any makeup. I'm offering Mellie Natural Beauty at the fantastically low introductory price of L$499 per skin so that everybody can afford to get into a Mellie.

But wait, there's more! Because of the deep and meaningful love I feel for my peeps in the Blowpop Update Group, I'm offering Mellie Natural Beauty to groupmembers for only L$49! Yes, L$49! what's that you say? Not a member of the Blowpop Update Group yet? Well join in and share the love! Be the first to know about all of the exciting new Blowpop releases and special offers. And best of all, its free!

This offer is only available for a limited time, so get on down to Blowpop and get yourself a Mellie today!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello Mellie! or Launch Day at Blowpop

Hello and welcome to Lick, Dont Bite, the official source of information about products and updates from Blowpop. My name is Annyka Bekkers. and I've been a resident of SL since June. In that short time I've led various and questionably successful careers as dancer, bartender, reluctant escort, part time model, shopaholic, explorer, roleplayer, nuisance, and mooch. Finally, in the hopes of doing something productive, I have decided to try my hand at creating things. And thus, in honor of certain unmentionable fixations, Blowpop was born.

Blowpop's first product is Mellie, a full line of ladies' skins in 4 tones with 12 makeup options each. The product of countless hours of painstaking labor and the bane of the hair upon my head, Mellie has been designed to flatter the female avatar form, with an emphasis on softness, prettiness, and all-around lickability.

Mellie is available for $L799 per single skin, with 4packs priced at $L2399, and 12-skin Tone Packs available for $L5999.

I want to give a special thank you to the very talented, beautiful and sexy Eloria LeShelle for helping me out so much with my launch and setting aside a space for me to set up my stalls in her store, The Battered Boudoir on Boudoir Island. I've made a cute little display in the corner, so please come down and try on Mellie or just say hello at Blowpop at the Battered Boudoir.

Here are photos of the makeups currently available. I tried to make the launch styles more everyday basics to start with. I plan on rolling out more styles at semi-reglar intervals going forward, with some wilder and more exotic looks, as well as seasonal looks.

SO , what can you expect in the future from Blowpop? Well, more makeups for Mellie, for one thing. Plus, their are two darker tones, Cinnamon and Cocoa, which need to have their makeups finished so they can be introduced. I need to find a permanent space, so any suggestions would be welcome. I would also like to start doing some tattoos. (This entire project originally started because I was sick of my tattoos falling off and wanted to be able to permanently ink them onto my skin. Now I've got 70 skins without a tattoo on a single one. Go figure). And who knows what else? Stay tuned!

So come on down to Boudoir Island and give Mellie a try. Oh, and don't forget to join the Blowpop Update Group if you would like to be informed of new products and updates.

Thankya, and lotsa kisses!

Annyka Bekkers
Head Honcho,
Blowpop Skin Products