Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mellie 2 Preview! Coming Soon!

I just cant leave well enough alone, but there were a few things that have been bugging me about the Mellie skins and I simply couldn't let them go any longer. So I've made a whole bunch of little improvements and tweaks and I am busy retexturing all of my current skins as well as introducing some new makeups and a whole new darker skintone in anticipation of a release later this week. Yes, I've been a busy busy bee!

Some of the changes include, brand new ears and belly button, because the old ones honestly sucked. New bright healthy teeth. I toned down the highlighting on the nose a little and altered the contour of the lips slightly so that it hopefully works better on a wider variety of faceshapes. I also improved lip colors and reworked the gloss highlights as well as a whole bunch of smaller, more subtle tweaks. All of these changes combine to make Mellie 2 even more beautiful than ever.

Note for Purchasers of Full-price Mellie Skins:
I dont intend to leave all of you in the dark, so I will be replacing all full-price Mellie 1s with the corresponding Mellie 2s just as soon as I get them all ready and loaded in the vendors. Please be patient, as this may very well take some time. *

* this only applies to full price makeups and fatpacks and NOT to the $L 49 Natural Beauty skins.

So stay tuned and look for Mellie 2 later on this week!


Linda said...

The improvements look like they've made an already great skin even better. :)

The toned-down nose higlighting definitely worked nicely for my shapes, which tend towards slightly more prominent noses. I'll definitely have to pick up the Natural Beauty skins again. :)

Caliah Lyon said...

I'm so happy I bought a first-gen Mellie skin, the lips look delicious on this second go :) Waiting eagerly for the update!

Annyka Bekkers said...

Awww! thank you both! I'm finally really happy with it.

Hey maybe the old one will become a collectible now!