Friday, February 29, 2008

Skinfair! Woohoo!!!

So Skinfair is almost upon us and I am really really excited about it. For one thing, there are a LOT of amazing skins there. There is such an amazing range of designers represented, from the big and famous to the small and obscure. It's wonderful how many extremely talented creators are set up all in one place. It should be a great show with lots to look at. And make sure you stop by the Blowpop booth and say hello. I'll be set up in the far pavilion, right next to PXL. If you get lost, there's a gigantic poster of my face on the wall, so you can't miss it. (Yes, I'm that vain. Got a problem with that?)

But what I'm really excited about, is I'm finally releasing the Mellie3 skins, and they'll be available exclusively at Skinfair for a couple of weeks while I clear out my stores of old inventory. (Shameless Plug Alert: 50% OFF CLEARANCE SALE ON MELLIE2 SKINS! At Fuzzy and Talisman locations.)

If you think you've seen what Blowpop skins are all about, please take another look. These have been redone, literally, head to toe. Even the few parts I didnt repaint, like the ears or the palms, now look better because I figured out some better layering techniques which have made for better shading through all the skintones. I'm so happy with how these have come out. I feel as if, after a couple of versions, I finally know what I'm doing and how to get just the right amount of detail and tone that I envision in my head. I also did these all while using Windlight to preview, so I think the shading really holds up well. Oh, and I also added a sixth skintone, Cocoa.

Another big difference with the Mellie3s is how they are packaged. I was constantly getting requests for different options like eyebrow colors, pubic hair styles and freckles and after thinking long and hard about which options to offer and how to offer them, I still couldn't make up my mind. I love ALL the options. So I threw them all in the box. So now, each Mellie3 skin comes in both brunette and black eyebrows, shaved or trimmed kitties, in freckled and non-freckled versions. Yes, that's 8 skins per pack, and they cost L$ 1250/pack. (Did I also mention I have a strong maso streak?)

So there it is. Everything you wanted to know about Mellie3 but didnt care to ask. But enough talk! Pictures!

MELLIE3 Poster (censored)
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Vanilla copy copy
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Cream copy copy
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Honey copy copy
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Caramel copy copy
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Cinnamon
New Tone! Cocoa!
Mellie3 Launch makeups-Cocoa copy copy

And a key to filenames
what's in the box? (censored)

P.S. If you haven't listened to it yet, be sure you check out the latest episode of Second Style Stylecast. Tamara and Daphne do a review of some of the new skinlines that are going to be at Skinfair. Among such greats as Celestial Studios, Canimal, Fleur, and Minnu, they say some really nice things about Blowpop! w00t!!! Talk about being in lofty company! My nose is bleeding!

Btw, how do people manage to get their blogs to keep coming up at the top of the feed? I want that power!!


Linda said...

Thank you so much for the group preview. :)

These really represent a big step forward, in terms of skin tones, skin textures and shading. But they still look like Mellies and I didn't have to make any adjustments to my shape to put on the Mellie3 instead of the Mellie2.

I am also very thrilled by the look of the new makeups. In particular the sophisticate and town & country. Nice dark lips but not too much on the eyes. Lovely. :)

Freyja Nemeth

Jen said...

Yes, another thanks for the awesome group preview gift! I had been skeptical about Mellie 3, but now am sold. I really appreciate that you've kept the look close enough that I'll still look like me, and that the skin tone I'm accustomed to (honey) won't change.

Just one thing. It's nice to have multiple options for hair, but brown and black eyebrow/pubes aren't enough for me. I often do red hair, or blonde, or maybe purple.

Okay, okay...I don't seriously expect purple brows and pubes. :) And blonde can be covered by the brown. But to have a good set of red brows and pubes would be absolutely awesome!

Annyka Bekkers said...

Linda, thank you so much for the wonderful review on your blog! :) I tried to thank you in the comments there, but I couldnt get past the capcha text.

Jen, thank you, I'm really glad you like it. But MORE eyebrow options? *screams!*
I honestly did explore a bunch of different options for more eyebrow versatility. Tintability with the skin sliders, like the Mellie2s didnt really give very good color options, and fully transparent eyebrows, which could be tinted to any color with the hair sliders, really lacked the detail i wanted in them. No matter what I did, they always wound up looking like flat color painted on the skin.

Which left me with just making the different brow colors as separate skins. I shudder at the thought of adding more colors. (each color adds 4 more skins) Maybe I'll look into the semi-transparent eyebrow option paired with the brown and black, which might give you a little bit of flexibility in color.

Linda said...

Oh darn, were the captchas acting up again? I'll look into that, thanks for letting me know. :)

I actually think the brown brows work very well with red hair as long as its not too light, so for my part the black and brown go a long way. Its certainly not easy to provide eyebrows for everyone, though, and I really appreciate the variety included.

Oh, and the freckles, too. They're really nice. :)