Monday, July 28, 2008

Assorted tidbits

Survey Wrap-up
I want to thank everyone who took part in the Blowpop Customer Survey. I got an excellent response and a lot of very thoughtful feedback, which will be very helpful in improving my stores. I have sent out the Daisy survey gifts to all of the survey respondents, though its quite possible I've missed some folks, so if you've turned in a survey and have yet to recieve your gift, contact me by IM or notecard and I'll take care of it pronto.

Blowpop Army August Flickr Photo Contest:
I'm really happy with the response to so far to my photo contest. There are even a couple of entries already! I just want to remind everyone, that in order to have a picture considered, you need to both add it to the Blowpop Army flickr group AND tag it with " BlowpopAugustContest ". Otherwise, I won't know which pictures are part of the contest.

What I'm Working On:
Its been a while since my last release, but I AM actually working on a bunch of stuff.
  • Shapes! I'm finally going to be offering shapes. I've made 6 different shapes all designed to look great in Blowpop skins. Its been taking me forever to get them packaged though. I think I'm being far too picky about my displays. I know that the display is a really big part of an appealing product, but it does no good if you can't get it onto the wall. So I'm kicking that project into high gear and should have them for sale very very soon.
  • Listing my items on SLX and Onrez. About 8 months overdue, and not very much of fun at all, but I think it'll be worth it once I'm finally done.
  • Planning a new layout for my shops to make them easier and more appealing to shop in.
  • Repackaging my Mellie2 skins. Its funny, I was seriously going to mothball the Mellie2s when I created the Mellie3s, but they've been consistently solid sellers. At first I thought this was because they were priced so affordably, but after talking to a few people, and looking through the sales patterns, it seems that, completely by accident, Mellie2 has turned into a pretty decent Asian skin. Its not like I was trying for a specific style, but I guess it has a soft animeish kinda style that's still appealing to some folks. Go figure. So I've been redoing the displays for them so they don't look like stale donuts anymore.
  • New Makeups for Tuesday. OK, maybe I haven't actually been "working" on these, in the sense of putting color on skin, but I have been preparing myself for it, doing some research, collecting fashion pictures and stuff. Where the first collection was primarily neutrals, the next collection will be a lot of vibrant colors. Hopefully there'll still be some summer when theyre done.
That's about it for the now. But since I since I hate posting without a picture, I'm going to start a new series:

Artists I Love #1: Audrey Kawasaki

Ethereal, delicate, tragically beautiful and a bit disturbing. I absolutely love her stuff. If I could capture the essence of this in an SL skin, my work here would be complete.


Roslin said...

Noooooooooo. You can't like that artist, I like her and want to keep her all to myself! Seriously, her prints sell out super fast and last time I tried to get my hands on a print, there were over 1k people trying for 100 prints. If I never manage to obtain a print, I'm blaming it on you. SERIOUSLY.

Annyka Bekkers said...

haha, don't worry, Roslin, I can only afford to adore her from afar!