Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank God Its Tuesday!

Yes, my friends, it's finally Tuesday! And you know what that means?
That's right! Back to work after the 3 day weekend!

ummm... no, that wasn't it...

Oh yeah! The Tuesday skins are now available at Blowpop! YAAAAAAY!!!!

OK, here is where I wish I had some really compelling ad copy that would make you all drop whatever it is you are doing and run right over to Blowpop and snap up all the new skins. But honestly, I got nothin, and I'm too drained from getting these things ready to think of anything good. Seriously, great lines like "Couture Level Hand Drawing™" only come along once in a lifetime. You know it would be a great service if one of you would invent another great line like that for me to shamelessly appropriate.

So, instead of talking you all into why you need to get up right now, log into SL, and immediately rush over to Blowpop and buy every single new Tuesday skin and some old Mellies too for good measure, I will just show you some pictures.

Here is probably where i should add that Tuesdays are available in all skintones, and each makeup pack comes with black and brunette eyebrows, freckled and non-freckled versions all for L$950, with attractively priced value-packs.

Tuesday Posters LG_0001_cream

Tuesday All Day Collection

(Tuesday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday After Dark)

Editions of Shir Collection
(Shir, Angelic, Shir, Breathless, Shir, Seductive)

Aden in Black Collection

(Aden in Black #1, Aden in Black #2, Aden in Black #3)

Rai Sins Collection

(Rai Sins Nude, Rai Sins in Pink, Rai Sins in Scarlet)


Marni Grut said...

These look ace!

I particuly like the look of the dark tone actuly. Makes me want to try and not be mrs pastey face nemore!


Lex Neva said...

I've been wearing a sneak preview of the Tuesday skin for a week or two now, and I love it. Go buy this now!

Freyja Nemeth said...

Lovely, any day of the week. :) I'll need to work on a shape for it.

I particularly like the detailing at the corner of the eyes, the highlighting on the face, the freckles and the eyebrows.

The Aden & Rai eye shadows are very nice, and for someone who likes a particular lip colour (like darker), I really like the option to buy either the matching eye shadows or the matching lip colours.

Ryker Beck said...

Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! This is so great! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Yuuum yuuum! You have to make more makeups for these. <33333 SO LOVELY